Amazon Prime Day

Today is Amazon Prime Day! What does that mean? It’s Amazon’s biggest sale of the year, with loads of good deals, exclusively for Amazon Prime member. It’s kinda like their Black Friday.

The Prime Day deals started today, June 21 and will extend through tomorrow, June 22. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite Amazon Prime Day deals and will continue to update throughout the day(s).


Blink Indoor Camera // We don’t currently have any home security although I’m definitely thinking about it. I think most of my family have a blink of some sort and they get notified, and a short clip, when there’s movement in the area. The indoor camera would be great for checking in on your dog and the outdoor camera would be great for security purposes. The indoor blink

Echo Dot // I love our Amazon Echo devices! We’ve got a full size Echo in our main living space and a dot in our bedroom. They sync up perfectly for music throughout the entire apartment. I love the drop-in feature where you can announce to the other room(s) or even send a message to a device. (Perfect for parents reminding their kids to do their chores ????) I’m thinking of adding one to the bathroom for shower concerts. What do you think? The 4th Gen Echo Dot is on sale for $24.99, down from $49.99.

eufy Robot Vacuum // I run our eufy every day, at least once a day. With a puppy in a small apartment and no mudroom, it’s been godsend. I’ll turn it on while I’m cooking dinner or showering and it successfully maneuvers itself throughout our place. It’s currently on sale for $169.99, down from $279.99!

Dyson Animal // Speaking of vacuums, the Dyson Animal is Holy Grail status for me. My parents have one and one day, I will too! Unfortunately, today is not that day. I don’t have anywhere to put it that wouldn’t be an eyesore! But the Dyson Animal is great – beautiful! – for cleaning up quick messes that you don’t want to lug out the big vacuum for.

Cuisinart 7-in-1 Toaster Oven // Air fry, convection bake, broil, bake, warm, toast! Save almost $75 with your prime day purchase!


premier protein prime day

Premier Protein // We love these protein shakes. I like to pour half of a bottle into some iced coffee for some iced mocha action. Matt, on the other hand, prefers to drink it straight from the bottle. We typically just buy the chocolate flavor but I’ve heard cinnamon roll, caffe latte, and chocolate peanut butter are really good! And for 30 grams of protein and only 1 gram of sugar, you can’t beat it! Most flavors are currently under $20!

Garmin Forerunner 45S // The 45S is a great starter watch for runners. It’s got everything you need with GPS, pace, and lap features. I used my base-model forerunner for years before upgrading to the Apple Watch. The Forerunner is great if you don’t want to wear a sport-watch all of the time/only want to wear one while working out.

Apple Watch Series 3 // Under $200! I love my series 3 and dutifully wear it every day. I love that I can get notifications on the watch when I’m working without needing to check my phone. It also makes for easy volume changes when I’m working out and don’t want to mess with the pouch I keep my phone in. I’m utterly obsessed.

Baleaf Running Shorts // A great dupe for the lululemon hotty hot short or the OG Nike Tempos. They’re 4″ long and mid-rise so they’re truly perfect for runs! Bonus: a little pocket on the side to hold your keys and/or ID and a credit card.


Furbo // If you’ve been waiting for a Furbo sale, the Amazon Prime Day is your chance! It’s currently going for under $120 (normally priced at $169)! Toss treats to your pet throughout the day and watch them laze about the house while you’re at work.

Dog Water Bottle // Keeping your dog hydrated on when it’s hot out is so important so why not grab a doggy water bottle for under $10? Ellie has one and loves when we bring it to the park with us. And so do all of her doggy friends!

Car Hammock // Keep your pet safe in the backseat with a car hammock! And bonus points: it’s easy to clean and your backseat won’t get ruined! Ellie loves to snooze in the backseat after a long day of playing at the park or my sisters.

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