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What’s up y’all. Let’s catch up. It’s been a minute or two since I last jumped on here. Lots of fun and busy things going on and the blog took a back seat. I think I’ve finally settled into a nice routine – that will definitely not be impacted by the start of my clinical rotations, no way! – and am hoping to be writing more regularly. And even if no one reads this, it’s nice to have a diary of sorts. I guess. Whatever.

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  • Personally
    • Matt + I just got back from a very sunny week in Naples! It was so relaxing with a lot of time spent by the pool and some golf for good measure! We managed to get to the beach once but public health officials suggest not going into the water quite yet – there’s still some ick in the water after Ian.
    • I recently deleted (deactivated?) my ~creator~ Instagram account because Instagram is annoying. You can follow me on my personal account if you want to, though.
    • igotintothe2023chicagomarathon (throwingthisoutthereinthehopesnobodyactuallyreadsit)
    • And lastly, I got Taylor Swift tickets! I am telling literally everyone I know. And I am taking my niece Emma! I can’t wait.
  • Professionally
    • I’m starting my clinical rotations in about a month. Ahh! I’ll be in the outpatient setting with a family medicine physician and I am so excited. After speaking with her briefly, it sounds like we have similar philosophies as it relates to medical interventions and I am eager to learn more from her.
    • Speaking of outpatient… outpatient nursing is not the life for me so I’m going back to the ER. Yesterday was my last day in outpatient and I couldn’t be more excited Along with the role transition, I will be dropping my hours from 0.9FTE to 0.6FTE or 24 hours per week. This will help a lot with my academic schedule and maintaining sanity. (I’ll probably work more but I don’t want to be forced to work more, you know?)
lime margarita at the pool
Golf course sunset catch up
arugula, prosciutto, and chicken salad with a club and a beer


  • Something from Tiffany’s (Amazon Prime): This Hello Sunshine production dropped on Amazon Prime yesterday so I am absolutely going to be watching that today. Reese Witherspoon x Zoey Deutch? I’m in.
  • Harry + Meghan (Netflix): Okay, I wouldn’t say I’m a royal fan. I’m more of a casual royal watcher: I stream the big events (weddings and funerals) and really only “follow” them for Kate + Meg’s style. (They are both soooo pretty.) But it’s interesting to see their love story unfold and see them attack – for lack of a better term – the British tabloids surrounding the BRF. There’s this sentiment that because the people “pay” for the royals, the royals have to “pay” them back with incessant media exposure including harassing young royals. My thoughts on the monarchy are not complicated (I do think it shouldn’t exist) but I think people deserve privacy, especially at home, no?


I desperately need to get some business-casual attire for my clinical rotation. My closet currently consists of: athleisure, my favorite jeans, a few pajama sets, and scrubs. That’s it. I’ll be in the office one day a week most weeks so I’m going to just get a few items to mix-and-match.

  • I already own these lululemon city sleek pants and they are just the best. They’re so comfortable and incredibly stretchy so squatting and bending and whatever else is a breeze.
  • Ann Taylor is currently 40% off with code HOLIDAYS
    • I love this houndstooth mixed media top long sleeve and it’ll fit nicely under my lab coat. This style top also comes in a variety of colors and I’m thinking I’ll order it in green, as well.
  • One Quince
    • I am going to give this online shop a try with their cashmere sweaters. You can’t beat the price!


  • Every Summer After by Carley Fortune
    • The story starts with teenage Percy (Persephone) spending a summer up at her lakehouse and meeting two brothers, one her age. She spends every summer at her lake house and this story explores her relationship with the boys and her friends from home. It’s a mostly sweet story, if a little predictable! A fun, light read nonetheless. (Apparently, a sequel is coming out in May 2023 and I am sure I’ll be reading that.)
  • After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid
    • Oh, just rip my heart out why don’t you?! This story focuses on Lauren’s love story: with her husband, with her family, and with herself. I am not ashamed to admit that I cried – a lot – while reading this. Very poignant.

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