Summer Fridays Vol. 2

I’m back with Volume 2 of my Summer Fridays series! This week, I’m wrapping up week one of three on vacation. Yup! Matt and I took three weeks off of work! Initially, we were planning/hoping/crossing our fingers we could travel abroad but with COVID, that’s not a reliable possibility. Yet. There’s always next year, I guess?! Although the EU has lifted travel restrictions for Americans, it’s up to each member country to decide whether or not they want us (vaccinated or not).

summer fridays ranch water

Two words: Ranch. Water. What’s more “summer fridays” than Topo Chico, good tequila, and a lime wedge? Not much, I’ll tell you that. It’s that simple: pour some Topo Chico over ice, add a shot (or two!) of your favorite tequila, and squeeze in some fresh lime. Or save yourself a dish and pour the tequila and lime wedge directly into your Topo Chico bottle.

I’ve been craving some stir fry so we’ll whip up my sesame ginger stir fry for dinner at some point this weekend. It’ll be a good way to use up some of the veggies in our fridge!

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream // We’ve made a few of Tessa’s recipes and they are always so freakin’ GOOD! She recently shared this recipe for Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream so we’re working on that this weekend using her No Churn Method.


We’re going to spend the weekend packing for our Zion National Park Trip next week! After extensive research, I’ve determined we didn’t need to buy too much but I still want to be prepared. I picked up some Nuun Electrolyte Tabs which will be absolutely necessary after spending hours hiking in the sun. I’m also borrowing my sister-in-laws backpack with a built-in water bladder. Very necessary.

Also picked up this neat bucket hat… For golf, for hiking next week, for whatever. Here’s a similar one from Kohl’s. Suburban dad is my aesthetic.

bucket hat

And some other things I’ve got my eyes on…


I just wrapped up The Midnight Library by Matt Haig after waiting several months on hold! The premise of the book is that, between life and death, you go to a “midnight library” and choose an alternate life. Each alternate life is what would have resulted if you changed a single decision you regretted. I thought the book was sweet, a bit predictable, but a nice read. I was expecting something more… tough? after hearing several people give a trigger warning for the book.

I’ve got Confess by Colleen Hoover loaded up on my Kindle next.


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