Weekly Workouts #5 + April Goals

Phew! It’s been a little while since I shared a weekly workouts post here. But if you’re worried – fear not! I’m still here, still working out and all that jazz.

I’m tired and don’t have a lot to say tonight. Besides that, I’m a little preoccupied at the moment watching this evenings Real Housewives of BH. #GOODBYEKYLE

April Health Goals

  • Sub 2:40 half-marathon: I’m running the Illinois (Half) Marathon at the end of the month and my goal is to run a sub 2:40. It’s not even close to a PR for me but my focus hasn’t been on running the last year or so so I think sub 2:40 will be doable yet challenging.
  • Drop 7lbs: This is kind of an arbitrary number but it would put me at just under 2 pounds lost per week.
  • Go to 2 solidcore classes: If you have a solidcore studio near you, you need to start going! It’s like, pilates in a dark room with really loud music and super-motivating instructors and I’m so surprised I like it. But actually, I love it! It’s pricey ($$) and eventually I’d like to get a monthly pass but it’s SO WORTH IT. If you go, shoot me an email at hello [at] kilroys-kitchen [dot] com — for every 3 referrals I make, I get a free class! *throws confetti*

Weekly Workouts

  • Monday: 30 minute intervals on treadmill + shoulders/abs workout
  • Tuesday: 3 mi run + leg workout
  • Wednesday: 6 mi run + [solidcore]
  • Thursday: No workout
  • Friday: 4 mi run
  • Saturday: No workout
  • Sunday: 8 mi run

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