Workout & Meal Plan for the Week of June 6, 2022

Happy Monday! I’m back and I’m sharing my workout & meal plan for round two. I skipped last week because I came down with COVID so, isolation plus getting back to work (once I was cleared), didn’t leave me a ton of time to workout. Since, you know, I couldn’t really leave my house.

This week is pretty busy for me and I think I’m looking forward to it. To start, Matt’s sister-in-law and brother had their baby yesterday! I am beyond excited for them and love her so much already! Also on the docket this week: wedding dress shopping tomorrow! Eek! Matt’s birthday Friday! And my sisters wedding this Saturday! (Can! You! Tell! I’m! Excited!) I don’t normally love busy weeks but I’ve been feeling mentally shitty the last few weeks so it’s nice to have fun things to look forward to. Alright, let’s get into it.

chopped salad for workout meal plan


Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working on building up my running base. I can pretty comfortably run for 30+ minutes now so I’m starting to incorporate speed work. Today, for example, I warmed up for five minutes, pushed the pace for twenty, and cooled down for five minutes. I’m really working on getting my mile time down to ten minutes – or faster – and currently I’m at about 12/12:30 minutes/mile depending on how I’m feeling that day.

  • Monday: 30 minute speed workout & strength train
  • Tuesday: 30 minute run & strength train
  • Wednesday: 10K steps
  • Thursday: 10K steps
  • Friday: 40-45 minute run & strength train
  • Saturday: 30 minute run –
  • Sunday: Probably an active rest day or an easy run in the afternoon


I haven’t fully planned out the week yet. I’m going to try to get to Costco tomorrow since we’re low or out of most of our Costco necessities. Our meal plan for the week is based on what we currently have available in our fridge/pantry and is subject to change if I make it to the store.

  • Monday: Chicken burrito bowls
  • Tuesday: Weeknight chicken enchiladas – I told our neighbor I’d make her a batch and since the rest of my week is busy, tonight’s the night!
  • Wednesday: Chicken sausage and pasta with an arugula-parm salad
  • Thursday: Not sure, gonna leave it up to Matt
  • Friday: Out! It’s Matt’s birthday and we’re doing a more chill (and affordable, lol) dinner at Pizza Lobo tonight since we have Bavette’s reservations in 2 weeks!
  • Saturday: Out round 2! My sister Caitlin and her husband Thomas are getting married!!

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